Back in Thailand Now been here a while
Should do some Updating very soon

New Zealand for a while

Sorry its been so long
We have moved to New Zealand for a while
From a nice warm calm Climate to a very cold & windy Climate

We were in Oamaru the other day & I saw these.
They are a mock-up done for an exhibition & quite well done I thought
So I took some photo's and here we go

Oamaru is in the South Island on the East coast about 100km north of Dunedin
Its a nice little town on the coast with a good history of Farming Fishing with a small Port
& a Sand Stone Called Oamaru Stone that is very good for Building with its a very clean stone very white

The house where we are staying is built from it & a lot of the Farm Building & Sheds are too


Our Vios

Here is a car like ours

Our one doesn't have the body kits etc but its the same car

Our car is just a basic J model But very well appointed really

Has single CD rather than multi small things like this

I think they are called the Yaris car in some countries

They go very well for a 1500 cc car it has VVTI though this helps her get up go when

needed Plenty of room too its the smallest of the Toyota range but will seat 4 adults

very well Our Daughter Jenifer
sits in her car seat

happy as Larry Falls asleep at will

We went for a drive from Khon Kaen To Korat a couple of days ago 200 km down 200

km up plus driving while we were there all for about 1000 thb thats $32.70 Au

Got to be happy with that this day and age.

I have always liked small cars most of my cars have been small 4 cylinder cars & small cc
The Toyota Soarer was the biggest engine car I owned with the 4 ltr V8 Below that was

a Toyota Supra 2.7 straight 6, then many 4 cylinder cars and on 2 cylinder Fiat

Bambina Hahahhaha I could wipe the front window & rear at the same time when

fogged up. The Fiat was sold and Exported to Japan

But getting back to the Vios Great little car highly recommend them good sturdy

Toyota build and Quality.

Here in Thailand they are around 500,000 650.000thb this

is about $15,000 Au to $21,000 Good value for money

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