Steps you should take to get a Drivers Licence

Obtaining a 1 Year Licence

What you need is:

A recent report (April 2009) says that documents required for first application are:

Original passport + 2 copies of visa page and main page;
Medical report (any doctor can supply)
Address confirmation from immigration + 1 copy;
Current International Driving Permit

First registration, after that reaction test, colour test, another colour test, after that payment and making pictures.

For renewal

1. Expired drivers licenses.

2) A colour test & reaction test on computer is now required for renewal.

It is best if you already have an International Driving Permit,
otherwise you will have to take a written test and a driving test,
in you own vehicle.

After the first year you will be entitled to a licence for 5 years.

Once you have a Thai licence you can also use it to obtain an International Driving Permit.
It seem that these can only be issued it the Morchit Office, in Bangkok,
not at local offices, which is a shame.

Updated 5th May 2009


Billp said...

The information on getting a Thai licence is very interesting - does anyone know if they have an upper age limit ?

Gazza said...

Good question Bill
I will find out for you
The girl next door to us works in that field

Surely though if kids are aloud to ride motor bikes
You would think that the Elderly would be ok

Gazza said...

I found this today
Hope it helps

The new rule extends the driver's qualification age from 60 to 70 years

Billp said...

So at 83 I had better get a bicycle - at the moment I have an International Licence from the UK which obviously I shall have to renew every year . Stupid , isn't it , that I can drive on that but can't get a Thai licence .

Gazza said...

Sounds like a good plan Bill
Check if you can renew you international one online beware though there are some scams out there

It is stupid
The Thai education system is showing up its self there

Billp said...

What I actually do is download the form , fill it in , and place it in an envelope with all the necessary bits ie photo , copy of DL , cheque , and a pre-addressed envelope . I then send it to my son who adds a stamp to the pre-addressed envelope ( which is addressed to his address), seals all up , puts required postage on it and sends it off . When it is returned , he posts it on to me . A bit of a fiddle but it works .

Gazza said...

Sounds like you have things sorted Bill

There seems to be a lot of things here there has to be a work around

Gazza said...

Bill if you wish to post anything on here
Please just sign on

& go for your life
& feel free to pass the web page on to others too

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