Ultimate car is on its way for the Very Wealthy

Well here it is the McLaren MP4-12C

A new Ultimate car made by the people that bought us the McLaren F1

This car was the fastest production car for many year I think 241 Mph was its top speed

Here is an Article about the new car

While waiting for the 2011 rollout of McLaren's all-new MP4-12C, you can entertain yourself by looking at the company's new dedicated Web site. (Photo courtesy of McLaren)

So the MP4-12C has finally been revealed to the entire world. I expect you’ve already checked out the and looked over every detail of this technological tour de force. I see it as my duty to give you the inside line and the interesting, behind the scenes stories that the marketing guys don’t normally let you see.

So over the next few months, I will update you with information directly from here, inside the McLaren Technology Centre including: development logs, test reports and what ever else I can find out on the MP4-12C. I’ll also try and give you a flavour of key aspects of the development programme to date that have moulded the car into what it is today.

I do have a day job here, mainly working on vehicle development, which means you probably won’t be getting updates from me every week, but I’ll be doing as much as I can


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